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Applied Physics II

Book Code: 1203

ISBN: 978-93-5502-062-8


Computer Science Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Information Technology
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Applied Physics II

Rs. 325


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Applied Physics II

Author : P.K. Gupt

Author : Ramesh Kumar Arya

Author : Savita

Author : Dr. Shashank Shekher Pandey

After reading this book, the students will be able to:

    Define wave motion its types (Transverse and Longitudinal), Periodic and Simple Harmonic Motion, solve simple problems.

    Define the terms: frequency, amplitude, wavelength, velocity of a wave.

    Explain various Engineering, Medical and Industrial applications of Ultrasonics.

    Apply acoustics principles to various types of buildings to get best sound effect.

    Explain diffraction, interference, polarization.

    Define capacitance and its unit. They will be able to explain the function of capacitors in simple circuits, solve simple problems using C = Q/V.

    Explain the role of free electrons in insulators, conductors and semiconductors, qualitatively the terms: potential, potential difference, electromotive force.

    Explain the concept of electric current, resistance and its measurement.

    List the effects of an electric current and their common applications, State and apply Ohm’s law, calculate the equivalent resistance of a variety of resistor combinations, determine the energy consumed by an appliance, distinguish between AC and DC electricity.

    Explain Biot-Savart Law, Ampere’s law, Lorenz Force.

    State the laws of electromagnetic induction, describe the effect on a current-carrying conductor when placed in a magnetic field.

    Explain operation of moving coil galvanometer, simple DC motor.

COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING: In the era of computers and mobile phones, a sound knowledge of the principles and workings of these devices is considered as the biggest asset for an engineer. Computer Engineering involves the design and development of systems based on computers and complex digital logic devices. These systems find use in such diverse tasks as computation, communication, entertainment, information processing, artificial intelligence, and control.

Our books will not only train you to understand the basic fundamentals but will also allow you to have a complete knowledge of programming languages so that you can fully excel in your desired field.

Our books cover topics which will make you skilled in:

·         Designing, developing and hosting websites using internet technologies.

·         Designing multimedia graphics and creating script of multimedia animations using authoring tools.

·         Setting-up, diagnosing problems, troubleshooting computer networks and maintaining security of the networks.

·         Writing, compiling and debugging programmes using different programming constructs.

·         Identifying the software process model for specific software application and interpreting different phases of software development life cycle.

·         E-Commerce and digital marketing.

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Asian publishers aim to help its students through all the regions with its simplistic and comprehensive study methods. Our books teach our students with the virtue of providing-
• VARIETY OF EXAMPLES : Each chapter of our book is designed to house multiple examples from different perspectives so that everyone can understand in accordance with their style of learning.
• MULTIPLE LANGUAGES : The content and difficult concepts are explained in multiple languages so that students can understand them with ease.
• SUMMARIES : Authors have incorporated comprehensive summaries at the end of every chapter so that students can go over their syllabus quickly.
• STUDY RESOURCES : Our books house the ever-precious banks of questions and resources for revision which help the students effectively prepare for exams.
• COMPETITIVE PRICES : Our books are widely and easily accessible at competitive market prices so that each and every person can make effective use of them.
• COVERS ENTIRE SYLLABUS :Our books are designed to cover the entire syllabus of the UP technical board so that our students need not look outside for additional resources.

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Helping Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn

Helping Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn

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