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Basics of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Book Code: 1211

ISBN: 978-93-5502-026-0


Civil Engineering
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Basics of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

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Basics of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Author : Anshul Kumar Agarwal

Author : Rahul Wadhwa

After reading this book, the students will be able to:

    Apply thermodynamics Laws.

    Use of various energy sources.

    Solve basics problems related to fuel and combustion.

    Have an idea of loading on machine components.

    Explain the application of different types of bearings.

    Explain the uses of different types of gears and springs.

    Explain the working principle of different lubrication systems.

    Identify and take readings on various electrical equipments.

    Determine voltage-current relationship in a DC circuit under specific physical conditions.

    Measure resistance of an ammeter and a voltmeter.

    Verify DC circuits (Thevenin and Norton Theorem).

    Verify Kirchhoff’s Current and Voltage Laws in a dc circuit.

    Find the ratio of inductance of a coil having air-core and iron-core respectively and observe the effect of introduction of a magnetic core on coil inductance.

    Test a lead-acid storage battery.

    Measure power and power factor in a single phase R-L-C Circuit and calculation of active and reactive powers in the circuit.

    Measure voltages and currents in polyphase ac circuits for star and delta connections.

CIVIL ENGINEERING: Civil Engineering, the oldest and broadest of the divisions of engineering, implements a range of public and private projects for improving society’s physical infrastructure and the environment. The civil engineer integrates scientific principles with engineering experience to plan, design, estimation and construct networks of highways and railroads, airports, bridges and dams, environmental pollution control systems, industrial structures, water purification and distribution systems, and urban transportation systems that maintain, protect, and enhance the quality of life.

Our Civil Engineering books furnish the students with the knowledge to apply various principles of Mathematics and Science in solving real-life engineering problems. These books make sure that the students are not only limited to preparing computerized reports, presentations using IT tools and computer application software but are also trained to consider the social effects as well as the physical and environmental factors that constrain the planning, design, estimation, construction, and operation of their projects and practice appropriate procedures for preventing environmental pollution and promoting energy conservation.

Our books cover a wide range of topics related to Civil Engineering which teach the students to effectively learn how to:

·         Supervise various building construction works ranging from substructure to superstructures and also their finishing operations.

·         Prepare, read, and interpret, component drawing, building drawings and layouts.

·         Supervise production, placement, and quality control of concrete operations.

·         Carry out the layout plans of water supply, sewage and sanitary systems and monitor the quality of water and waste water.

·         Analyse and design simple structural elements of R.C.C.

·         Construction management, accounts and entrepreneurship development.

·         Quantity surveying and valuation of buildings and civil works.

and many more.

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Asian publishers aim to help its students through all the regions with its simplistic and comprehensive study methods. Our books teach our students with the virtue of providing-
• VARIETY OF EXAMPLES : Each chapter of our book is designed to house multiple examples from different perspectives so that everyone can understand in accordance with their style of learning.
• MULTIPLE LANGUAGES : The content and difficult concepts are explained in multiple languages so that students can understand them with ease.
• SUMMARIES : Authors have incorporated comprehensive summaries at the end of every chapter so that students can go over their syllabus quickly.
• STUDY RESOURCES : Our books house the ever-precious banks of questions and resources for revision which help the students effectively prepare for exams.
• COMPETITIVE PRICES : Our books are widely and easily accessible at competitive market prices so that each and every person can make effective use of them.
• COVERS ENTIRE SYLLABUS :Our books are designed to cover the entire syllabus of the UP technical board so that our students need not look outside for additional resources.

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Helping Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn

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