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Career As An Electrical Engineer | Opportunities After Diploma In Electrical Engineering

Posted On : 08-Jul-2022

Career As An Electrical Engineering

About 15 to 20 percent of graduates who select engineering choose electrical as their specialty subject and are aware of the possibilities available to them after completing a Diploma in Electrical Engineering. Complete your diploma journey with our Polytechnic Electrical Books. Not just electrical but you can also purchase Polytechnic Civil Books from Asian Publishers.

After finishing high school, almost everyone has a good sense of the topics they want to continue studying, the industry they want to work in, and their areas of interest.

The rapid speed of technological innovation in India is the cause of this. They are pioneers in developing innovative technologies in various fields, including robotics, transportation, building, healthcare, chemicals, oil, gas, etc.

Career As An Electrical Engineer | Available Job Roles

1. Controls engineer

A controls engineer's main responsibilities include designing machinery that is effective in producing items. Additionally, they develop processes that identify issues with their systems and plan for maintenance. Control engineers conduct research, test their designs, and create efficacy reports that demonstrate the system's effectiveness. Learn all the hard-to-grab concepts from our Electrical Engineering Books to ace the job role.

2. Project engineer

Engineer's main responsibilities include managing and supervising engineering projects, which may include projects in electrical engineering. They follow a budget and schedule and might need to bring on extra help, including contract workers, to make sure the project is completed as planned. Project engineers keep an eye on the work of each team member, motivate everyone to fulfill deadlines, and ensure that the project complies with regulations.

3. Electrical Engineer

Primary responsibilities: An electrical engineer is in charge of creating and developing electrical equipment, such as smartphones, navigation systems, electrical systems in various vehicles, and manufacturing equipment. Additionally, they evaluate the apparatus and offer fixes for any issues they find with its functionality or design.

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4. A communications specialist

A communications engineer's main responsibilities include designing and creating communications systems like fiber optics and satellites. In order to ensure optimal operation and high-quality reception and transmission of communications, they may also help with equipment installation.

5. Aeronautical Engineer

An aeronautical engineer's main responsibilities include building systems for airplanes and connected systems, such as satellites. They might create systems for mechanical, electrical, communications, or environmental reasons. Aeronautical engineers thoroughly test their creations to ensure that all systems, including propulsion and navigation, work in harmony.

They also do research, assess their designs, and look for methods to make things work better. Making a career as an Aeronautical Engineer can be hard without guidance, that’s where Asian Publishers stand out. Our Polytechnic Books helps you out during the examination.

Companies hiring Electrical Engineers

Career Options As An Electrical Engineer

In our country, private businesses also frequently hire electrical engineers; a few of them are listed below:


● Larsen & Toubro (L&T)

● Crompton Greaves Limited

● Bajaj Electricals Ltd

● Siemens India

● Tata Steel

● Tata Motors

● Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

● Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.

● Spectrum Power Generation Limited

● HBL Power Systems Limited

● Reliance power


● BMW Group

● Shell oil company



● Rockwell



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Posted On : 08-Jul-2022
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