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Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineering books furnish the students with the knowledge to apply various principles of Mathematics and Science in solving real-life engineering problems through a range of private and public projects.

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Electrical Engineering

Once a student is through with our books, he/she will be fully capable to perform the tasks of an electrical engineer which involve the use of electricity to solve problems related to energy, the environment and many more.

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Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical books not only empower you to carefully build structurally-sound devices but also effectively fix existing problems in mechanical projects through a critical understanding of theoretical and practical concepts.

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Electronics Engineering

By the virtue of our books, our students will be able to perform their duties aselectronics engineers or apply these concepts for further studies which cover sub-fields such as analogue electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics and many more.

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Computer Science Engineering

Our computer science books will not only train you to understand the basic fundamentals but will also allow you to have complete knowledge of programming languages so that you can fully excel in your desired field.

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Information Technology

In order to cope with the challenges of handling new technologies, materials, and methods of information technology, our books aim to develop aspiring students like you with appropriate professional knowledge, skills, and attitude to fully solve these problems.

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How Our Books Will Help You

We guide our students throughout the path to unlock their highest potential. We understand the value of education and hence offer the finest content developed by highly qualified and experienced authors who spare no effort to make the books exceptional.

• AICTE recognized - The majority of our books have been awarded by the AICTE, Government of India.
• Language-Friendly - We provide books in English as well as in Hindi for each subject such that English and Hindi medium students can study together in one class.
• Theoretical concepts explained vividly - Our books offer theoretical concepts explained in an elaborate yet easy to understand manner with the help of diagrams and illustrations so that the students can have sound knowledge that goes beyond the reach of mainstream books in the market.
• Brimming with a wide range of practice questions - Each chapter includes practice questions ranging from low to high level difficulty.
• Provide effective summaries - The authors have included comprehensive summaries at the end of each chapter so that students can quickly review their syllabus.
• Affordable and easily available - We make our books widely and easily available at affordable market prices so that everybody can benefit from them.
• Extensive syllabus coverage - Our books are designed to cover the entire new syllabus for UP and UK Board of Technical Education, so that our students do not need to hunt for other resources.
• Design - Our books are presented in such a beautiful and an organized way that the students can never get bored and rather enjoy studying the subject.

Sh. DV Gupta

Sh. D V Gupta is a pioneer in the field of technical education due to his contributions in tutoring Diploma students for more than three decades. Sh. Gupta’s vast experience as a Municipal Engineer and Head of Department (Civil Engineering) at the Government Polytechnic, Ghaziabad has allowed him tointroduce authentic, simplistic, comprehensible, interesting and effective studying techniques in his books. With more than 15, student famous titles under his wing, covering almost all the topics of Diploma course in Civil Engineering according to the prescribed syllabus of Board of Technical Education, UP, Sh. Gupta has also been awarded under ‘Takniki Pathya Pustak Puraskar Yojna’ by AICTE, Govt of India.

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Vikram Singh

Equipped with his B.Tech (Civil Engg.) from premier institute of IIT Delhi, Masters degrees in Computer Applications and Business administration and years of work experience in large organisations like NTPC, RITES etc., Sh. Vikram Singh is not only a member of professional bodies and institutions, but he has also worked to author books with the famous Sh. DV Gupta. All the books co-authored by him are enriched with his vast experience in the industry and are being updated continuously in regards to the latest knowledge & developments in the field.

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Rahul Wadhwa

Rahul Wadhwa is a renowned author in the field of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science. In his books, Rahul Wadhwahas tried to cover all the concepts in great detail with English and Hindi so that the student can learn the intricacies of the trade. His books focus on providing basic fundamentals of the subject followed by deep analysis into it. Mr. Wadhwa has trained aspiring electronics engineers for a decade now and has continuously excelled in making a mark in the minds of his students. The MCQ and Revision chapters at the end of his books are famous amongst the students for preparation for entrance exams.

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Manoj Kr. Varshney

Manoj Kr. Varshney has done his Equivalent Graduation termed as MIE from IEI- Kolkata. Having worked in the Editorial Board of Journal Anusandhan, Ceramics & Concrete Technology, Building & Construction Engg. International Journal of advance Civil Engg. Technology, his technical articles are given space in the various journal of national and international repute. 32 year onwards span of his services has made him the recipient of numerous awards felicitated by IEL, ISTE, IFS, HIEM. RPMSN, NIC, FFI, CEE, SSKS Academy, Subharti Univ. and BVP.

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Pankaj Sharma

After completing his doctorate in Chemistry, Pankaj joined the chemistry department of technical education, UP. During his 32 years of tenure, he often came across students who faced problems in understanding concepts. In the virtue of helping his students, he started writing books on applied chemistry in both Hindi and English. These books went on to receive a heart-warming response in the coming decade. Currently, Dr. Sharma is the acting principal at Ingaraham Polytechnic, Ghaziabad.

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Ashish Sahu

After his significant contributions in highly technical fields, Ashish Sahu has worked to acquire 20 years of rich experience in teaching. Even though Mr. Sahu works in Ideal Private Industrial Training Institute Jhansi Uttar Pradesh, he has worked to simplify the most difficult topics of theory and electrical along with practical to the students over the last few years through his bilingual books. With close experience amongst scientists, IITians, experienced faculties for many project and science models Mr. Sahu aimsto provide intuitive knowledge that will enable the students to succeed in the technologies of the future. He does this through the means of his YouTube channel where he provides free education to tons of students online. He has also been honored by Gandhi Group of Institute Ambabay in the year 2020 by Bundelkhand first technical writer Ratan.

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Helping Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn

Helping Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn

Asian Publishers was established in 1981. Since then, it has grown to be the leading academic publisher of low-cost and high-quality Diploma Education in Uttar Pradesh. With the help and support of our experienced authors, Asian Publishers has worked to empower the growth of students, teachers and professionals.

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